Monday, April 23, 2007

Bob's Comments

Hi Marty,

In follow up to Ralph's story about Gore's home in Tennessee the data is close but not acccurate. The figures used for the National average are from 2001 and are undoubtedly higher today. Regardless, the home is overkill however when one looks at "The Texas White House" there are many things to consider.

The ranch is 4000 sq. ft. and is situated on a 1600 acres It is 8 miles outside of Crawford Texas, population 631. Gore's is 10,000 sq. ft.

In the case of the Bush home, and there are 2 on the property, the one the President lives in and the one that they restored. I have no idea who lives in the other however, because people want to discredit Gore they ignore the facts.

The choices of heat/air for rural homes is oil, electricity, solar, wind or a heat pump. Its doubtful that natural gas lines have been run 8 miles outside a rural town of 631 people.

With regard to the newly built home of Dubya the architect chose a heat pump. Contrary to its nominclature, a heat pump also acts as an airconditioner. This constitutes a design saving and the installation cost is not much greater than installing 2 units, one for heat and one for airconditioning.

A heat pump uses about 25% less electricity to operate than a conventional heating/air system.

The home is in Texas... why not solar power or wind generation.... that would be an energy conscious decision.

For the naysayers out there that think you can't run a home in Texas using only solar power then I will bring you to my great uncles home (he's 86 years old) outside Belleville Ontario and show you his house, and machine shop, that is totally run on solar power. Not only that but the machine shop is the envy of many a company.

No electrical lines or telephone lines go into the home. The home is concrete including the tapered roof that houses the solar panels. The walls and roof are insulated with a closed cell polystyrene on the exterior. The concrete acts a heat/cooling sump. In winter the concrete absorbs the heat and radiates it back into the home, while in summer it works in reverse.

In my opinion Bush was not being energy conscious but rather logical in his choice given the location of the home.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.
This is why I hate putting anything Political on the blog. "Gore is still a liar" Remember he invented the internet....

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