Wednesday, April 11, 2007

GPK Police Names and Memories

Hi Marty,

Wow do some of the Park police names bring back some fond memories. Especially Cliff Masson.

Some time in the early 60's the Town of Lafleche was under seige from La Surrete du Quebec. The mayor and some of the aldermen and police officers were under investigation for corruption.

I hung around the little restaurant at the corner opposite Town Hall and the cop shop. There was some animosity between the owner of the restaurant and the local gangster Gille Bougie and police because he refused to pay protection. He asked me and someone (who will remain unnamed) to back him up.

A few days after, Le Surrete took over the town the locals brought me in. Bad move. On my part. I lost my cool while they were trying to process me and after the dust settled the Sargent with the Surrete said to me "Son I think I better call the Greenfield Park Police to come and pick you up and drive you home.... these guys will shoot you before you get out of town". Cliff picked me up and called my Dad who, great guy that he was, met us at the GPK station and took me home.

The next day I went back to the restaurant, sat on the front steps and taunted the locals..... what an idiot I was.................

I never forgot Cliff.... he and Eddie Huzulak were great friends for many years.

Bob H

Thanks Bob

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