Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Grade Six Class Revisited

Hi Marty. Back around Christmas I sent in a photo of our 1952-53 grade six class with a list of the students . Since that time I have had some feedback from former classmates and based on that feedback the list has been revised, adding some ,removing others. I think I have all the corrections made and so here is the pic again and a sample of my first foray into the Roxio picture labeling system on my machine. The list is not perfect since I am not positive about persons # 23 and 28. JMcC

1952-53 RGHS grade six class

1.Dorothy Thomas
2.Lorna Garrett
3.Darrell Hollingdrake
4.George “Chauncey “ Wade
5.Ross Loman
6.Ron Brunelle
7.Jim Small
8.Gary Farber
9.David White
10.George Wilson
11.Teacher—Lynton “Tony” Caines
12.Santa Claus—Eddie Massey
13.Donna Barfoot
14.Judith Null
15.Kenny “Hawker” Routledge
16.Audrey White
17.Patsy Haydock
18.Norma Warren
19.Elsa “Chickie” Latimer
20.Earl Hewitt
21.Donnie Bremner
22.Bruce Middleton
23.Donnie Watmore
24.John McConachie
25.Gilbert Myles
26.Ken Comber
27.Keith Hollingdrake
28.Stanley Haydock
29.Murray Penney
30.Ronnie Jones

Thanks John McC.

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