Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lottery Scam

I enjoy playing scratch tickets. In particular the Crossword ones. About 2 weeks ago a dealer told me that the lottery corporation in Ontario, OLG, would be dropping the letter on the tickets and that we would be obliged to bring our ticket to the dealer to see what we won.

This in the midst of a ticket fraud scandal by dealers. Now that we don't trust the dealers, I never did anyway, they are telling folks "Its OK" "Its safe" "Trust me"

Yeah Right!!!!! So the dealer takes the ticket from some nieve person who believes the OLG is protecting his interest. That dealer says "Hey yo won 6 dollars" The client hasn't looked at the screen, trusts the dealer and finds out that the tcket was a ten, twenty or maybe even a thousand dollar winner.

Hmmmmm can you say complicit. The OLG has once again gotten into bed with the thieves. And they said they were putting in safeguards to protect us..... the letter was a safeguard....

The night before last I tried to exchange a winner at my local ESSO and the fellow behing the counter told me the ticket was not a winner. He said that the number was not registered. I said fine give me the tcket I will bring it back to the dealer where I bought it. I had them scan it in their machine and it was a winner. Most people, especially seniors, would tell the dealer to never mind and throw it out.

Who profits... the OLG or the dealer who takes it ut of the garbage and cashes it in after you leave.

Thanks Bob H.

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