Saturday, April 28, 2007

Memories for Normand

Hi Marty. Yes Normand I do remember Delorimier Stadium very well. I went into Weredale Boys home in September 1953. We were allowed to leave "THE HOME" as it was called to visit parents /relatives every Sat and Sun after noon. Sometimes I would take the #3, I think, street car from Atwater to Papineau, get off and watch a Royals game and then walk down to the Jacques Cartier Bridge to catch the "Shambles Transport" bus over to Greenfield Park.

I did this off and on for three years. I don't know how many of your readers remember this but Delorimier Stadium was also called Delorimier Downs because the Montreal Alouettes Football club also played their home games there.
The first Alouettes game I ever attended was at Delorimier in 1953 . It was also the last football game at that site between Montreal and Hamilton which Hamilton won and subsequently won the Grey Cup as well that year.

As a side bar ,the Alouettes moved to McGill Stadium in 1954 and it was at the opening game that year where Montreal Mayor Camilien Houde ,who made the ceremonial kickoff to start the new season at the new site,also, apparently during a short speech uttered the famous/infamous phrase " I would be happy to come back in the future and kick all your balls off".

Thanks John McC.

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