Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring in Montreal...

Hi Martson.
It's official. Pothole season is upon us in the Montreal area. After 2 outstanding weekends the gods have willed us some wet snow for tonight( Wednsday) and rain till Saturday.I was pleased to see that Ed B was looking hard to track down the Kingfisher.

India was not in my area of coverage and the closest place that I have been to, that looks like India, is the Picque Assiette ( or BomBay Palace) on the corner of Fort and Ste-Catherine of course near the Cock'n Bull ( sports bar?). Yep! Spring looks like it is here.

On may way into town this morning from the country I saw thousands of hungry Snow Geese (Oie Blanche) and Canada Geese (Barnache) looking for farm fields full of corn and soya roots. Tell Ed that if the sun comes out this weekend I will try and get near some of the critters for pictures.
I like your fishing pics. Isn't it nice to get out into nature at this time of year.
Happy Easter to Everone


Thanks Ivan

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