Friday, April 27, 2007

Taking Credit

Hi Marty,

I was sitting here thinking about Mike Huzulak's visit here a couple of weeks ago and couldn't remember if anyone guessed who my left winger was. We know the right winger was a fake but the right was Mike.

We had a great time that evening reminiscing about old times, old friends and of course all those gorgeous women from Greenfield Park.

Mike visits the blog quite often and we had a good laugh about how I keep getting credit for jokes or photo's that he sends to me. In good humour, he said "yeah, I send you an email and it appears on the blog with a notation saying "Thanks Bob H". I told him to keep 'em coming I enjoy being the center of attention.

Bob H
PS In case the folks don't know, Mike is the assistant coach of the National Goalball Team and the head coach of the Junior Nationals. He was here scouting players for the Paralymics in Bejing.

Goalball is a game for the visually impaired learn more about it at Well done Mike.

Thanks Bob & Mike H.

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