Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Wedding in the Ozarks.....!!!!!!

While Bill and I were on our fishing trip we were invited to a wedding in the back woods, so here are a few pics. We did have to check our bow & arrows...
The groom is in the red shirt & black tie

Of course the Bride is in White
After their vows. let the party begin...!!
Some skin for the audience and the groom got jealous..
He is now happy again...What a lucky guy
Oh Oh he's in for a rough night, poor guy...
Do you think he will lift her over the threshold "NOT"
The end.
Bill and I had to find our way back to the boat before dark. I don't think either of us could find this place again but we thanked the McCoy's for the invitation to their son's wedding. OK bill let's run like hell out of here..

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