Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Guess Who

Thanks Millie McG.

Let's see who gets the most names...

Hi Marston, Re guess who pic on May 11th. That for sure is you in the upper left hand corner and I am dead centre and Millie your to much. Can't wait to see you folks again.
Thanks Heather Br C.
re your latest guess who-- Andrea Drummond is lower left, I think that Harold Rye is to the left of Heather Brooker and Noreen Barfoot is in three pics--1 Bottom right, 2 directly above Heather Brooker and 3 standing to the left in the bicycle picture.
Thanks John
Hi M,
I guess I better tell you who is in these pics.

Ok--top row.

left to right looking at the screen
You --- Late Billy Dunlop--Noreen Barfoot --Sharon Robinson & Moi in my back yard.

2nd row
Late Donna Comber --Noreen Barfoot--Wally Robinson

3rd row
Gail & Pam Taylor--Heather B--Harold Rye

4th row

Andrea Drumond--Barbara Valentine-- ? can't remember this one at all,then it's ---Diane ?
Noreen Barfoot

The one girl was in the other pic I sent of all class pics her name is Diane ??same as above-- I can't remember her last name.

Ralph had all the right names except that one--- he didn't seem to know either.

Cheers, Millie McG
Thanks Millie
Hi M. It's me again
Class Pics
2nd Row--1st pic Diane Knight
3rd Row-- 1st pic Diane ?
That's the one I can't remember, maybe someone will recognize her.
Cheers Millie McG.
Thanks again Millie

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