Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dinner Evening for the GPK Volunteers

2662 Patsy Haig and two others.
2663 The lady who organized the dinner for Fred Dobson in her dream car.
2664 Same as 2663
2665 Pat Geary, a key organizer of the Park Players, and Ed Shrimpton.
2667 One of the Simmons girls who won for best costume dressed as a Pink Lady.
2669 The Bremner table
2670 Jim Small
2671 The Teagues with Gerry Cantwell.
2672 Doreen Riley, Karen Hynes Seguin and Nancy Dunlop
2673 Dorrie and Tim Abrams
2674 Bernie Constantini and Mirielle Carriere
2675 The Mayor of Longueuil Claude Gladu

Thanks John R.

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