Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gas boycott

Hi Dee Ho Folks,

Sure hope you all did your bit today for the gas boycott. We Hawkins' did our part. I spoke to the wife and kids about not purchasing gas today so that we could collectively show the Oil Giants what it feels like to be financial challenged.

They all agreed to participate. The oldest said she would't buy gas until Thursday or Friday while our oldest son said he had enough until tomorrow night. Our second son doesn't use his car during the week and the youngest daughter said she filled up on Sunday and was good until the weekend.

As for me well, I knew that there was not enough gas in the truck to last the day so rather than run out on the road I filled up last night. And the wife, well she doesn't have a car and last year I bought her an electric lawn mower so she didn't need to fill up.

Boy did we show those ESSO B's huh.

You know since this annual boycott thingy began in 1999 we have really hurt the Oil Giants. If I remember correctly gas at that time was .78 cents a litre. Since then it has only rizen .29 cents a litre.

Keep up the good work folks and next year when you are organizing this boycott thingy....... leave me out.... its too much pressure.

Keep up the pressure on them.

Bob H

Ya we sure did show them didn't we...

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