Monday, May 07, 2007

Gene Autry Stuff

Hellooooo Marston,,, and Hello Gang !!

Two things for your morning paper route !!! You are more more reliable than the Gazette,,,and they have hundreds of employees !!

1,,,below please find more animal pictures for your ,,animal, bird, flower,,& bug of the day !! To keep in reserve in case you run out of bugs !!

2,,,Please tell Normand that I still have my Gene Autry Cowboy Vest and my Gene Autry Spurrs !!
I can't tell you about my six shooter,,,because guns are not legal in Canada !!!
Big problem,,,I can't seem to fit in them anymore,,,they are about 60 !!!
But,, Genes memory still lingers on !!!
Does anyone have the words to Happy Trails To You ???,,,,by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers !! It's a great driving or campfire song,,,like Willie's,,On The Road Again !!
,,or the Irish Rovers,,,Wasn't That A Party ,,,Or the Rodeo Song,,,By ???
These songs are usually sung by people who are not very good singers,,,but as the saying goes,,
The more they drink,,the better they sound !! Keep on singing and smiling !!

Please Take Good Care Of Yourself !!! Bye for Now !! john g.

Thanks John G.

I’d bet if you google the song you would come up with words


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