Friday, May 18, 2007

Grade Seven Class Pic

Can we get some more names here?
Thanks Millie
re; grade 7 class pic;
bottom left = harold rye
top third from right = Buddy (David) Wright
Top right Ross(I think) Shearer(not sure about spelling
Top third from left = Norman Morley
Thanks Murray P.
With a lot of guesses....
Front Row: Harold Rye, Barry Reeves, Bill Dunlop, Brian Pendlebury,
Roach, Brian Babb, Mel Stone
2nd Row: Barbara Nose, ?, Andrea Drummond, ?,?,?, Sharon Webb
3rd Row: ?,?,?,?, Marilyn Vaughan, ?,Flo Parrish, Millie Henry, ?
Top Row: Steve Jackson, Charley Menary, George Graham, Art Rattray,
Wright, Bob Godefroy, ?, Doug Fry, Miss Hoyle Teacher...
I think this was a mixed grade 6 & 7 ???


Some guesses for the grade seven pic. !st row Harold Rye,Barry Reeves,Billy Dunlop,Brian George Pendlebury,Lorne Roach,Brian Babb,Melvin Stone 2nd row--Barbara Nose,Georgia Moir, Andrea Drummond,? ? Patsy Haydock,Sharon Webb 3rd row- ???? Marilyn Vaughan back row- Steve Jackson,David White,George Graham, Art Rattray, Buddy Wright,?? Doug Fry Miss Gertrude Hoyle.

Thanks Guys

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