Monday, May 28, 2007

Missed Friends

HI Marty:
Sounds like you really had a good time in the Park.
Good for you. I wanted to go to Miss Italia the nite
you were there but we had company. Then on Friday I had a bowling
we stopped by Scotty's bar to
see if you were there Friday nite but no so I missed out
on seeing you. Sorry about that.
I spoke with Noreen Toner Friday nite and she said she
saw you at Canada Drive Inn must have been nice for you to have met

So now we will have to wait and see you in September.

Take care
Barb & George

Hi Barb & George,
I was hoping to see you guys. Sorry I missed you. I did get to see a bunch of friends and I made some new ones. It was real good to see Noreen and her daughters plus one granddaughter.
The time flew by and I could have stayed another week and that still wouldn’t have been enough. Take care you two and we’ll see you in the fall.


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