Monday, May 28, 2007

Park Aires Comments

Hello Marty,

from your commentary and photos it appears as if your trip back to the old home town was a real success and just reinforces the "once a Parker always a Parker" theme. I just wanted to comment on the Park-Aires photo in particular

(1) I know that Bill Hinks is living in Prince George BC and "Red" Drummond is living in Alexandria On but does anyone know the whereabouts of Stan Sheppard and Brian (George as he preferred) Pendlebury

(2) Bill Hinks was a helluva singer who in my mind came as close to Roy Orbison as anyone I have heard, Stan Sheppard was definitely one of the top guitarists to come out of The Park--ever--

and Brian Pendlebury was an excellent sprinter in high school.

Thanks John McC.
I did have a lot of fun with old friends and I wish you were there…

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