Saturday, May 26, 2007

Very Rare Cars

Hi Marty......I know we have a few car buffs on the blog and thought these photos would be of interest......

The 1941 Graham was built in the states - only 850 or so
and I was told there are only a handful left - only 3 in Canada.
This car is the product of a whole lot of bankruptcies with the results that from the windshield to the back bumper it is a CORD and the remainder is a combination of other, now defunked, auto manufacturers. They say timing is everything and 1941 was no time to try and bring new cars onto the market with the war raging in Europe and the Pearl Harbour attack didn't help either. The International Pickup belongs to the same gentleman who I would imagine is in his mid- seventies and has had both vehicles for some time but as he says if the money is right everything is for sale!!

I took these photos yesterday just a few doors up the street here in our Lambeth (London) subdivision!!


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Thanks Win S.

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