Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wire Stories

Your pictures and story remind me of an incident I had when I lived in Brampton.I had just begun working from home and had Bell install 2 extra lines for the business ( 1 voice and 1 for the Fax).
About 3 weeks later the fax line went dead but the phone line was fine.I go outside and 3 doors down the street my neighbor is having a Stone driveway installed.
My phone lines pass under his driveway. I go and check and sure enough the have cut into a Bell cable.I had worked at Nortel fo years so no problem... I sliced the broken wire,Wrap a platic bag around it, Tape it up and rebury it.

I went home and found my fax was operating again.I phoned Bell and they said they could not come until the next day.The next day they arrive ( 2 guys ) they dig up my bag, unsplice my splice, resplice it and put it in their plastic bag, tape it up and rebury it and prepare to leave.I asked the guy if that was it?

He said no but they didn't have the time to do a proper/permanent splice and would have to come back later.They did... ON EASTER SUNDAY... and took about 2 hours to pull in a new cable at double or tripple time.

Only in Canada !!!

Thanks Ralph B.

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