Friday, June 29, 2007

1965 Jubilee School Photo (Names added Again)

Photo from 1965 Jubilee School - The House Leaders. I can recognize
about six, let's see if we can get them all.

John R.

Thanks John R.

The people I recognized in the Jubilee School House Leaders were:Back Row: #1 David BillingMiddle Row: #3 Wyatt Billing, #4 Teddy Cristiano, #5 Lois Stewart, #8 Gary Flather, #9 Barry Allikas, # 10Richard Beecroft?Front Row: #7 Susan Philp

John R.


Here are three more guesses for the 1965 Jubilee School House Leaders photo:Back Row: #5 Dave Romanado,#7 Colin Stewart; Middle Row: #6 Donna Miles, #7 Judy Charette.I can't believe people like Heather Meldrum, Dave Cunningham, George Fisher or John McConachie's wife Diane can't recognize some of these kids.

Thanks John R.

Hi Marston,
I’m pretty sure that #6 in the front row is Denise Webster.

Thanks Jennifer B.

front row #2 is definitely (Sharon) Lee Jenkins, now resident in Calgary Alberta (although I haven't seen her in a while).I left RGHS circa 1968, moved into Montreal... then in 1977 I moved west to Calgary ...

Elizabeth (Betsy) Barnett

Thanks Betsy

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