Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Breaking News

The Greenfield Park Branch of Blogoholics Anonymous Held its annual Withdrawal Tournament this past weekend. Guru Fossil Rama-North aka "Marty" took a well deserved sabbatical and went fishing.

Normand “Torchy” El-Simard was so distraught he continuously sent himself emails. There were some who continued to send in their little notes and jokes hoping it wasn’t true, that somehow they would get posted anyway. Even this writer had such a hard time with blog withdrawal that he went on Facebook and posted a note on his own wall.

Then this morning arrived Lo and Behold a miracle happened our faithful Guru had returned. Ahhhh! Relief at last. Welcome back "Marty".

Father Bob BS
The Burlington Ontario Branch of Blogoholics has set up a bank account in the name of Guru Fossil in the hopes of raising enough money to purchase a lake with a WIFI link. Barring that we can all send him a trout once a year.

Thanks Father Bob H.

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