Friday, June 01, 2007

Folk Cafe on Churchill Blvd

Hello Marston !!
A couple of the guys asked about things on the blog,,,this is what I know,,,

Tell Ed.B.
It's "The Folk Cafe",,,on Churchill,,,near Springfield,,,,in the old Credit Union Building,,,
They have coffee+++ ,,,and will give guitar lessons,,,and also art lessons,,,nice people !!
I heard that they also have jam sessions,,,but not sure,,,
Please Ask everyone to drop in and support them,,,when they can !! ( the rent must be expensive )
I can get more info. if you like !! They had a small note on your blog 2 months ago,,,

Tell John McC,,
The last I heard of Stan Sheppard,,,he was in Vancouver That was about 15-20 years ago,,
I believe he was selling Insurance at one time,,,but ??? Standard Life ???
I made tapes of the Park Airs,,,long ago,,,and have since tried to copy it on a Cassette,,
but my old Reel-to-reel,,,is loosing it's drive,,,like me,,,I'll try again to get better quality,,,
Please let me know if anyone knows where Stan is at this time !!
Does anyone remember a song that they did called " Tarantula ??" Just great !!
Did you ever hear Stan pick out a song on his "Gretch" by Hank Snow,,called "Under The Double Eagle? "
Those guys sure were good,,,in the days of "The Ventures" and "Duane Eddy" ,,,Memories,,,
Remember Brian on the drums,,,he had that "Buddy Holly" double beat down to a T !!!
And Red,,with his Fender "Stratocaster",,does anyone have his address,,,He used to play
Hockey with the old-timers here a few years ago !!,,,I believe his sister lives in Brossard,,

Sorry can't help more,,,I'll keep asking !! john g.

Thanks John G.
I am sure Ed B. & John McC. will appreciate your reply…

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