Friday, June 08, 2007

GPK First Charter 1911

Hi there,
I thought you might be interested in this picture of the committee formed to procure the first charter for the "Town of Greenfield Park" which includes the first Mayor, Mr. W.J. Murray. My grandfather, Herbert Thomas Reeves (the only clean shaven one in the photo!) was a part of that committee. I have heard family stories that my grandfather also had the first church services in Grfld Pk in the living room of his house on King Edward, as well as the first "store". While the church story I believe is true I cannot seem to find out if the store one is true or not.

I have question for you as well. I may have been dreaming, but many years ago I could have sworn I saw a street sign in Greenfield Park honouring my grandfather's name. I thought in was Reeves Lane but it could have been something else like Place,Court or Crescent. I can't find it now on any maps and neither can anyone else. My Barfoot cousins who still live in the Park say they don't know of a Reeves street name. Is there any way of looking through records in the Town Hall to find out if it ever existed? How would I go about inquiring....who do I contact?

Thanks for your help,
Cathie Ellison (Reeves)

Thanks Cathie,
I would contact John R, He knows more about GPK than anyone I know..


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