Friday, June 15, 2007

Guess Who?

Can we get some names here??

Hi Marston,

I have some ideas about the Grade 4 photo. Some names popped into my head right away.

Here goes (excluding the teacher whose name I can’t remember at all):

Back row: 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6 Allan Roach 7? 8? 9 Stanley Cruise (I think?) 10?
Middle row: 1 Steve Vardy 2? 3? 4 Pat Ventura 5 Mary Grant 6 Patricia Hutton 7? 8? 9? 10?
Front Row (seated): 1 Shirley Laurin 2? 3 Brenda Banning 4 Judy Holmes 5 Carol Phelps 6? 7? 8?

I hope someone fills in the blanks.

Best Regards,

Jennifer Bremner

Thanks Jennifer

I'll Post this one again and see if we can get some more names..

Marty, I have one name to add. Middle row 3rd from the left is Marilyn Crisp. Front row 3rd from the right might be Sandra MacNevin. John R.

number 6 in front row is my sister Sandra MacNevin

Thanks David and John

I recognize front row 2. Sharon Lee Jenkins
Linda Lord (Thompson)

Thanks Linda

Is the Grade 4 picture of Mrs. Erkila's class ?

Barb C.

I don't know Barb,
Maybe a blog visiter would know....

This class was 1 year ahead of me but I recognize so man of the faces,althought I cannot put a name to all of them.For certain, No. 3 in the first/seated row is Brenda Banning and No. 4 inthe same row is Judy Holmes.And, I'm pretty certain that No. 2 in the middle row is Barry Allikas butdon't quote me on that one.
Joan Nykiforuk

Thanks Joan N.

Hi Marty, I think I can add a few names to the picture. The teacher is Miss Budgeon, the meanest teacher to walk the halls of Royal George!! Back row #2 Stephen Sparrow #5 Mark Rohner.Middle row # 10 Gilbert McFarland
Front row # 8 Anna Hoar (that's me ) Hope this helps.I think I have a couple of first names, that may jog someone's memory.Back row #1 Wayne?? Middle row # 9 Ian ??
Thanks. Anna

Thanks for the additional names Anna

Hi Marston,
I think the grade four class picture is one my brother was in. It
looks like him, Stanley Jackson, third from the right in the top row. I'll
have to get him over here to take a look and see if he can come up with
other names.Also, I think your flower of the day is a Weigela.
By the way, it was nice seeing you again at Miss Italia's. Say hi to
Louisa from me. Hope you guys are having a fun summer.

Hi Margaret Thanks for thee name and you got the flower right..


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