Thursday, June 07, 2007


The moment you lose your faith in people, I recommend you save up your
pennies and take a trip to Newfoundland. Meet the Newfies and your
faith will be restored.
You will meet total strangers and they will become your friends.
You will walk in as an unknown soul and come out with buddies who'll
stand up for you in any fight.
You will hear them laugh at themselves, sing songs and tell tales.
They will take life's curves with grace and know that being alive is a
whole lot better than being dead.
They will treat you for who you are and not put on phony airs.
If you need a hand, you get an army.
They will take you in, buy you a round, make you part of the family and
by the time you leave the Rock, you'll fall in love with the place.
You see, Newfies are Newfies wherever they go.
After all, as John Crosbie once said, "You can always tell the Newfies
in Heaven, they're the ones who want to go home."

If your faith is saggin, hug a Newfie ......


Thanks Ralph B.

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