Sunday, June 03, 2007

Now This Makes Sense...!!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but....... Face the facts Folks, boycotting the oil companies won't work.

Do you really want to bring down the price of oil... really.

Then find an alternative, create competition. It is the sole means of reducing prices. If the "Oil Terrorists have to compete with an alternate product that runs combustion engines then they will be compelled to compete, as will the shieks of the middle east, Newfoundland and Alberta.

The States of California and Oregon, as well as the provinces of BC and the Yukon, are building the Hydrogen Highway. A series of stations selling hydrogen fuel rather than gas. Of course this has only created 18,000 new jobs in BC alone but so what.

I would suggest electing a politician that is not indebted to the "Oil Terrorists" but I am not nieve enough to believe that one exists.

You realize that in Canada the oil refineries are regional. We have Petro Canada here in Burlington. This refinery supplies their stations as well as those of their competitors within a specific region. This principal is applied for other refineries in other regions.

Look at New Brunswick as a good example. None of the other Oil Terrorists have a refinery there... where do you think they get fuel to sell at their stations???? Irving Oil. In Nova Scotia it is ESSO.

Oh, by the way, Irving Oil has the largest refinery in Canada and they are building a new one that will be twice as big.

So, boycott Ptro Canada and the other stations will raise their prices to subsidize the loss of business at Petro Canada and they will tell the government that the higher prices are necessary due to the increased demand made on their refineries. They are already telling the government that the prices are inflated due to a lack of refining capacity.

Of course we all know that there is no collusion between the Oil Giants.

There are, and always will be, collateral damage to creating competition and that is increased prices in other products. Ethanol as an example is increasing the price of corn. This affects the food industry and the consumer however the farmer is benefiting.

I understand we have to start somewhere. I am just as frustrated as all of you are but as long as we are addicted to gas, as long as they don't have competition then they will dictate the price.... that is the what free enterprise in the free World is all about.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.
Some times you really do make sense you know….!

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