Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plastic Bottles & Saftey

Hi,,,Just a follow up F.Y.I.
Jason Abrams is working in a Toxicology Lab. in San Paulo,,California,,
I thought that I would check with him and his friends,,,this is what he wrote !!!
Take care of yourself !!! john g.

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From: J A
Date: 6/19/2007 2:40:14 PM
To: john geraghty
Subject: Re: FW: Bottled Water Kept in Car

That is a yes and no question.
Many plastics will decompose when reheated.
This process does release chemicals.
An exorbitant amount of anything can be toxic.
Cancerous growths can be triggered by almost anything from the amount of coffee you drink to genes.
The FDA closely monitors food and its containers for things like this.
This is part of why it is not advisable to reuse plastic containers for food.
I would not worry about this.
I think there are plenty of other things that will get you first.
Take care.

Thanks Guys

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