Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Real Find

Marty here is a real find. For quite some time word had it that all of
the Royal George trophies were discarded when the French Catholic School
Board took over the Royal George building. To date there has been no evidence
that this was not so until John Riley discovere the attached which is in the
safekeeping of Arabella Allardyce. The award was presented for
all-round sportsmanship ---girls(women). Subsequently John was golfing with Rob Sandilands who was a teacher at RGHS at the time that the ribbons and
banners in the trophy case were thrown out. Apparently a parent of one
of Mr. Sandilands students discovered the ribbons and banners in the trash
and rescued them. Sandilands thinks that student and parent lived on Empire
near Churchill ,perhaps near the Garrett Home. Could you post this message
and the accompanying trophy plaques and list of names and asking for any
information that any one of your subscribers might have as to the
whereabouts of said ribbons,banners,trophies. JMcC For the record
following are the names of the recipients of the trophy with a few
names missing ,perhaps some of your readers can also help fill in the blanks
1949-50 Helen Logan,50-51Alice Poppe, 51-52 Carol Miller, 52-53 Frankie
Rivers, 53-54 Margo Tomalty, 54-55 arabella Allardyce, 55-56 Deirdre
Chapman, 56-57 June Brown, 57-58 Noreen Barfoot, 58-59 Barbara
59-60 ??? 60-61 Diane Gregory, 61-62 Penny Tomalty,62-63 Maureen Brown,
63-64 Elaine Milan, 64-65 Lorna Jenkins, 65-66 ??? 66-67 Carol Gregson,
67-68 ???, 68-69 Roberta Legault

Thanks John McC and John R.

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