Monday, June 04, 2007

Worried in Burlington

Dear Marty,

I read today’s blog and noted that you thought I made sense. This deeply concerns me. I have not made sense in years and immediately went to the hospital upon reading your footnote. The doctors tell me that the pharmaceutical companies have developed a new "Wonder Drug" that will reinstate my lack of common sense and I will be able to live the Canadian dream once again.

The drug is called Oxy-Moron (see Ralphies email). There are two side effects of Oxy-Moron, the first is an urge to vote Conservative while the other is an infatuation with Hillary Clinton. I am assured that these side effects are rare. The doctors tell me that if I begin to feel aroused at a Steven Harper ad simply look at photo's of Al Gore and the need will diminish. Apparently there is no cure for the Hillary infatuation other than death.

Worried in Burlington

Thanks Bob,
Have no fear, you might have earned a honory Hemingway degree here..

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