Friday, July 13, 2007

GPK Mural


Let's see if this works. If you can include my request to bloggers that came with the first one that didn't work.

Also, I've included a scanned version of the postcard of the mural.
These are available to anyone who wants them. Just let me know and I'll put
one aside for those who request them. This would be perfect for those
coming into town for the reunion in September. If anyone else wants me to
mail one, two or three of these to them it would be great to include a
stamped self-addressed envelope big enough to hold the postcards that are about 4x6 inches. If anyone wants 2 or three make sure the envelope is big enough to hold them. They will come with postcards for St. Hubert and Longueuil.
They're all attached, but have serated divisions to easily separate

If you pass through Greenfield Park for any reason, I highly recommend
you take a few minutes to see the actual mural hanging on the front of the
town hall. I think it's beautiful.

I will send a scanned version of the St. Hubert and Longueuil murals at
a later date. If you're not interested in those, you know what to do with

John Riley
125 Walker Ave.

Thanks John

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