Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Water Rescue Saved Two

It is nice to know that training does help. Please see below

Scott Collier

Dear Scott;

My name is Carla xxxxxxxs, and I completed your water rescue level
one last October 2006. I have currently switched places of work from
London, Ontario to Whitney Ontario. I am working as a Paramedic in
Algonquin Park.
I wanted to inform you that as a result of your training and
education from that course I have managed to pull and save the life of two
individuals this last week.
One was just last night at around 1730hrs. I was just finished work
and was on call back for the night and decided to go and cool off at
the beach, which is not monitored by lifeguards. An elderly male was
swimming far into the lake. I heard him call but couldn't make out what was said at first. My partner who stayed with the radio then called
to me to say he was no longer calling and must be ok. That immediatley
set off alram bells in my head and I managed to swim faster than I
thought possible for me. I managed to get there and dive under to find him
before he dissappeared completely. I remembered everything that was

taught that day and how to avoid him pulling me under and staying
behind. I managed to drag him to shore and render care afterwards.
The second individual was a 10 year old boy. We were called to a
boating incident. As we pulled up I noticed a boy being pulled under the
water. Nobody at this time had tried any rescue attemp I decided to take
off my boots as well as my partner and we both went in. I remember
learning to analyze the current and knew enough not to swim a straight line
out. I went up stream and managed to get to him first. My partner then
caught up and draged the boy into shore where he was VSA. We managed to
get a pulse and breathing back and made it to the hospital. Complete
outcome is unsure yet, but said to be good.
Thank you so much for the training. It helped to save these two
individuals and I did give credit to your company. I believe it
saved these lives and without your dedication to teaching water rescue it

could of turned out different. I am being given a bravory award
and would also like to share and have one given to your company for
without your training I would not of received.

Thank you again.


Water rescue saved two, this was sent to my son from one of his pupils
Thanks Heather B. C.

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