Sunday, August 05, 2007

Trip To Belleville Ont.

Hi, I would just love to tell you about the day I spent with a friend in Belleville.

My friend Donna called to ask if I would like to work with her for a few days. Donna loves helping kids work and learn.......this is one of her... The Other Side of the River Gardeners projects. She now with other kids have put in 2 other gardens. The town of Belleville gave her the OK for this new garden also donated 40 bag of top soil.
The objective to her program is to train young people through a mentoring program to become proficient in gardening skills thereby providing them with an activity which would develop business and social skills, earn an income and help to beautify their community.
Donna wanted to beautify the walking trail just before the little walking bridge over the river that lead to downtown Belleville. When talking about it she found out the house beside the trail housed folks that had a few health problems and little or no income.
She was thrilled when she met a wonderful gentle man named Shawn O'Sullivan who also live in that house and that he wanted to help. Shawn she also found out from others had won in the 1954 Summer Olympics the silver medial for Canada, he was boxing in the light middleweight division vs Frank Tate of the USA. Because of boxing for so many years something happen to him leaving him with a few problems.
Shawn at the end of the day was so happy to see the new garden beside his place he hugs us all, then he told us he will water it and also will make sure no on ruins it.

P6050187...My friend Donna and Shawn O'Sullivan.
P6050188...Along the fence where one of the flower beds will go.
P6050191...The start of the path way.
P6050192...My car loaded down with plants.
P6050193...Donna now getting the boys working, the parks department delivered 40 bags of soil.
P6050196...An adult helper letting the boys know they could take a rest, she brought over water, juice, watermelon and donuts.
P6050199...We call the police to remove a needle that was found in the bushes alone the walk way.
P6050204...Donna adding one more flower after the boys said she could.
P6050205...Adding more earth and a water.
P6050206...Shawn asking one of the boys to help him load my car with the branches so I could drive it over to the dump.
P6050207...Shawn's dog making himself the new garden guard dog or a new cool bed.
P6050209...Hot, dirty and tried we are done for the day. But what a good day Shawn was telling me.


Thanks Bev V.

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