Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bearing Burners Memories

Hi Marty,

Seeing the Bearing Burners memorabilia brought some great memories back. I'll bet none of the members will remember the first meeting when the name was decided on or the fact that I was there.

We were sitting in someones kitchen in Lawrence Park (the Barracks) trying out names when some goof (could have been me) suggested "The Alki-Haulers". Of course it was promptly shot down in favour of Bearing Burners.

I did however purchase one of the guys 1935 Ford Roadster. I cannot for the life of me remember who sold it to me. The thing had no motor or transmission so Don Snyder and I went halfers on a 1948 Merc. Don needed body parts and I needed motivational components.

It seems I still need those components. Neither Don or I put the cars on the road.

Oh well..... If anyone wants to own up to selling me that hunk of primed junk it would be appreciated...... I wonder if it is still in the garage at our old house on Gregory.

Bob H

Thanks Bob

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