Friday, September 28, 2007

David MacN is on the mend

Well , I havent posted here for awhile and mainly due to being out of
Action for about 8 weeks . I somehow managed to get the potentially fatal
flesh eating disease in my right leg and after 8 doctors and 4 hospitals they managed to stop its appetite and save my leg . It is fairly scarred up
and I'm not ready to run a marathon but at least I dont have to buy chrome
polish to keep it clean . My brother Al and my sister Sandra were by my
side supporting me through the whole ordeal and they both travelled far and
sacrificed lots to show me their support . Family is definitely the
best medicine for any illness. My wife gail and my daughter Jessica were
also by my side every minute of every day .We came within one day of having to amputate but miraculously the ant-biotics finally won over the nasty
streptococcol bug. I hope you don't get too grossed out but below is a
picture of my leg when the bug had actually stopped and pre surgery
where they removed all the dead tissue . Everyone needs to know that this
kind of infection can happen to anyone and if you see any signs of infection in a wound of any size , you should be absolutely persistent in getting it
looked after . My particular case happened instantly and actually entered
through a small wound I had gotten from a rose bush . I suffered a toxic shock reaction as the bacteria passed through my entire blood system before
returning to its entry point and devouring most of the tissue on my

Sorry for the nasty photo but it is a warning to all to pay attention
To infections no matter how small they begin.

David MacN

Thanks for the update.

Glad to hear you are getting better..

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