Sunday, September 02, 2007

From the Past...!!!

Grade Seven Pic last posted May 2007

Hello "Marty",Well, it's almost 50 years since we last talked to each other. Stumbled across your blog(s) and the Royal George School grade seven picture while"googling" a totally unrelated item. Can offer the names of a few more individuals in the class photo: In the second row, the gal to Barbara Nose's left is Sandra Fitzmaurice, NOT Georgia Moir as suggested by John McC.

In the third row, the girl on Ruth Asaff's left is Mary Nash who was killedin an automobile accident one weekend during the school year. Second and third from the right in the same row, if not as identified, might be Deirdre Chapman and Joan Shuttleworth respectively, (these are uncertain). The fellow in the top right, (on Bobby Godfrey's left), in NOT Ross Shearer- still trying to remember his name.

He lived two doors east of me on what used to be Third Street. Frequently during the school year, he would have lunch at our place. The name Melvin Reed comes to mind; will try to confirmthis with my mother.Other names I recall from way back when are Henry Spirk, Ronald Thurston, Rodney and Gary Farber, Clifford Walker, Steven Messner, Judy Gardner, June Brown and Carol Rivers.FYI - having difficulties accessing your blog and links.

This may be, inpart, due to the fact I'm using a Mac with OS 9.2.

Cheers,George (Brian) Pendlebury

Thanks George,

It is good to hear from you after so many years..


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