Thursday, September 20, 2007

George Brian P. sends some of his great works

Hello Marty,

Certainly glad I stumbled across your blog, especially since you
provide a list of Gparkers e-mail addresses. It was there I found the lead to John Geraghty. Dropped him a note and had a reply in no time. It was great
To reconnect with him. John, Mervyn Blizzard and I all belonged to 643 Air
Cadet Squadron based at St. Hubert, and we were on the drill team
John has been kind enough to e-mail me some of the pictures from 'the
Good old days'.

Looks Like the GPK reunion was a great success, wish I'd known about it
sooner. Recognized the names accompanying some of the pictures but
would never have recognized the faces.

As mentioned previously, I've been in Calgary since 1968. I left the
'oil patch' 14 years ago to devote full time to my art work. Some examples
of my paintings are attached. My earlier works focused on automotive
Since 2000, I've been doing mainly aviation and architectural pieces
With the occasional 'miscellaneous' item thrown in for good measure.

The first two pictures are of paintings that were commissioned by a
chap I know in Calgary. They portray his Ford GT-40 and AC Cobra.

The third picture is of a Lockheed 10A that my Dad worked on while a
Young chap in Winnipeg in the late 1930s. That's me with the yellow ball cap
on the wing.

The fourth picture depicts a Boeing Stearman, one of my all-time
Favorite aircraft.

The last picture presents a portion of a Case tractor.

If you're interested in seeing 14 more examples of my work, punch in
<> then click on 'Originals'
and'Limited Edition Prints'.

It snowed this morning - first of the season, and depressing as I am
not a winter person.

Well, guess I'd better sign off for now and try and get some work done.

All the best,

George (Brian)

Thanks George P.

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