Saturday, September 15, 2007

GPK Messages

Hello Blogggg !!!
There is a MARSTON missing in Greenfield Park !!!!
I was at Scottyz with about 400 or 500 people tonight,,,,,,
and there was NO Marston to be found !!!
Even Shmooo asked where he was !!!
We,,,,And the 300 X-Greenfield parkers need a Marston !!!
We are Marston-less !!!
We are Marston deprived !!!
What can we doooooo?????
Have another Beer !!!!! O.K.

Oh Well,,,,Tomorrow is another day !!!

Maybe Yannick will bring his Elvis outfit !!!

By the way Brian and Ralph,,,if I run over someone living in Ontario ,,,,it counts as two,,in Quebec !!!

"Good-Night You All !!!" Sure was great seeing "You All" again !!!
Looking forward to the meetings you again on Saturday !!!
Pleasant Dreams !! Night-Night !!! Sheila & John

Thanks John G
Too bad we are not there to have fun with all of you

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