Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Reunion Pics by John R.


The same woman who I marked unknown on 3902 has shown up in another
photo. She's going to be really mad at me for writing unknown a second
time, but I have no choice. Ross Morley is trying to find her name for
me. If he let's me know before at least one of the postings I'll let you

3910 Beth Cross Grocholski, Steve Grocholski and John Penny
3911 Brenda Knight, unknown, Janet Watson and Heather Hubbard
3912 Colin Dathan and Judy Board
3913 Doug Love and Penny (Tomalty) Love
3914 Don Flesh and Ross Morley
3915 Cliff Walker and Marlene Morley
3916 John Flesh, John Penny, Beth Grocholski and Steve Grocholski
3917 Barry Hollingdrake, Ken Cobb and Harry Cobb
3918 Dave Houle, John Flesh and Don Flesh
3919 Diane McConachie and Denise Houle

John Riley
Thanks John

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