Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Reunion Pics John R.

3893 Wally Weir and Jim Argue who came all the way from
Cranbrook B.C.
3897 Garry Comber and his wife who came from Ottawa
3899 John McConachie, Diane (Gregory) McConachie and George Sweeney
3900 Marlene Morley, Dave Houle and Marlan Cooper who came from B.C.
3901 Diane Forder and Lorna Forder

3902 Barbara Hamilton, Fred Goodall, unknown, Fred Knight and Brenda (Fielding) Knight
3904 Ross Morley and Beryl Rodrigues
3906 John Gerraghty and Beth Cross Grocholski
3907 Ross Morley, Wendy Christiano, Marlan Cooper, Marlene (Youngward) Morley and Beryl Rodrigues
3909 Sandra Robinson and John Gerraghty John Riley

If I find out the unknown on #3902, I'll pass it along

Thanks John R.

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