Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Reunion Pics

Here are 10 more:

2881 Winston Swinwood and Heather Brooker
3883 New father Bobby Lee, Andy Walter & new grandpa Paul Lee
3884 Bob Morley and Steve Kemper who came all the way from Vancouver
3886 Barbara Barfoot, Susan Barfoot and Denise Houle
3889 Kevin Cross and Doug Menary who came all the way from Michigan
3890 The wives of Wally Curry and Rod Freeman (Beth)
3891 Donnie Harris ans Wally Weir
3892 Looking at old photos of the Monarchs hockey teams
3895 Colin Dathan, Judy Board and John Geraghty
3896 John McConachie and Linda Alexander


Thanks John R.

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