Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Mystery.....

Hi Marston

How are you doing? We missed you and Louisa at the reunion. It was a terrific weekend and I am attaching a story that I would like you to print as I am sure many people will get a laugh out of it. First I was upset because I thought I had lost all my pictures and then I felt bad that someone else was missing their camera so there were many people involved in solving the mystery.

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The Mystery of the Lost Camera
It all started Sunday morning at the brunch. I went to take a picture with what I thought was my camera and it registered low battery. I managed to see the last picture taken and discovered I was in the picture because of my colorful pants. Then I quickly discovered it wasn’t my camera at all as I have a Cannon and this was a Panasonic. Back to our table I went and no one seemed to own or be missing a Panasonic camera.

Next step, Arabella announced that I had the wrong camera but no one came forward to claim it. Cousin Fred suggested going back to see what other pictures were there, so clever. We discovered even though there was a low battery that there were snow pictures so we were sure that the camera did not belong to the Naylor’s from sunny and warm Vancouver.

Next, I checked the trunk of our car and guess what my camera was there so I was happy because now I had all my memorable pictures but was distraught for someone else. It was suggested that I leave the camera with Donnie Ridewood or Janet Watson but they thought it would best be left with the bartender. On my way to the bar I ran into Johnny MacConachie who announced that I had my camera and that the lost camera would be with Arabella. Shortly after I was told we had found the owner of the camera but when
we left the hall we discovered that Arabella still had the Panasonic camera as it did not belong to the person we thought had claimed it. Wow! Were there two lost cameras.

After Dot, Tom, Robert and I had a very enjoyable afternoon with the extended Argue family we went back to the hotel and to the Naylor’s room for one last drink and a few more memorable pictures. As a joke (she thought) Dorothy said to Tom “Hope your camera is in the bag” and as he was checking to be sure, the lights came on and I remembered that his camera (with the low battery) was left in our room on Saturday evening. I said Tom is “Your camera a Panasonic” and guess what I started out with two cameras on Sunday morning so the mystery was solved and guess what there was proof they do get snow in Vancouver sometimes. Oops! when all was said and done I was the one that goofed but at least they were able to get their camera back before leaving town on Monday morning.

Let me tell you, when the four of us get together something is sure to happen and we could write volumes of some of the other probably much funnier stories.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the weekend was even more than we had hoped for and the organizers namely Donnie, Janet and Sharon are to be commended. Also, last but by far not the least the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Legion under Arabella’s direction did a superb job on the dinner & brunch.

Until we meet again,
Norma (Board) Knight

Thanks Norma

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