Friday, September 28, 2007

Prairie News


Its been a while but time seems to slide when your having fun.. There was some excitement in " The Hat" yesterday. We had an early morning fire in the old down town section.
5 businesses were destroyed. My Daughter runs an african adoption agency call, CAFAC out of one of the building surounded by fire.. Seems it was built later than the others and was the only one with a fire wall built according to fire regulations. After the fire, there was nothing left but chared walls and black debris except for their building. Nothing inside effected the fire men say,other than smoke damage. They let her back in the building about 5 minutes ago but she hasn't reported or confirmed the good/bad news yet.Some of the record for adoption take a year or so to compile and would be very difficult to replace so she is counting her blessings right about now.

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Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

Glad to hear your daughter is fine

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