Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reunion News from Bev V.

Back in home Campbellford;

I would like to thank all who made the reunion a wonderful memorable weekend.

I really did enjoyed the dinner and get together dance, seeing Brenda, Liz, Dot & Tom Naylor and many other old friends was great.
The next day after the marvelous breakfast and meeting a few other old friends I went to see the mural with my girlfriend Ria. Then off to the Saint Paul’s church where we were just in time to attend the service. Being in the church brought back so many wonderful memories, Sunday school, conformation, my sister and I were students of Mrs Williamson dance studio where we had many times danced in the church hall, (I remember one year how special I felt that I had a solo toe dance to Lavender Blue while Myna Homer sang.) My parents, my daughter, my brother and sister, and two of her girls also Tom and I were married in Saint Paul’s church.
For many years my grandfather George Boggis, my aunt Frances Boggis also my sister and I were in the choir. My grandfather G. Boggis made the wooden cross that the alter boy would carry…later replaced with a brass one…..the minister Rev. Linda Faith Chalk told me the old one was still there in the back room. Many years ago I picked up the old wonderful church windows with the little slot that open to let fresh air in, they had put out in the garbage as they were replacing them; I gave one to my sister and her 3 girls. I also made one into a full length window mirror for her son Kevin, I still will in time do Darla’s and mine.

After church we walked across the road to my old home 328 Empire, Tom and my first home where we lived for over 25 years just beside Noreen Barfoot/Toner home. As I was showing and telling my friend a little history about my old home the owner came out and invited us in. I could hardly believe my ears my wished had come true as for about 18 years I had wanted to go back into my old home. What a THRILL !!!. He told me he had bought the house about nine years ago.

My pear tree that I had planted was still in the back yard, the grape vines were still growing along the back fence, the cedar hedge now was really high, the flag stone walk I had put in alone as Tom was ill, also the brick driveway still looks good, two of the three white birch trees I had planted with the children so many years ago are still looking good, the flowering crab tree we bought when we adopted our daughter that we planted when we lived on Vivian then later transplanted it when we moved is now really big. They had put in a new pool and did change our deck a little. The same curtains were still on the garage door windows that I had hung after Tom had made the garage into a meeting place that the kids could hang out in

Also the Dutch windmill curtains are still hanging in the front door window. Inside they had done a few changes but not many, upstairs they had put two of the four bedrooms into a large master bedroom. Their little girl was in Darla’s bedroom; their son was in Danny’s room. The house still looked loved and well kept.
In the living room in front of the brick fireplace in all it’s glory was still my grandparents hand carve mantelpiece that went from floor to ceiling…… a wonderful hand carved piece my grandfather had purchase from a CNR hotel in Montreal, now I guess would be well over a 100 years ago.
While the war was on my grandparents owned a home and a little store in Croydon, my grandmother started her little store in her dinning room then one time when my grandfather came home on leave he build a room on the side of the house so my grandmother could earn money while he was at war. She later did tell me she saved up enough to have a house built in Greenfield Park on Murry Street. Later with my grandfather being a coal buyer for the CNR also I guess at that time he knew what was going on with the new renovations and this is how the mantel came about living in his home.
Many years ago when my grandfather was telling me about how he bought one when they were remodeling the old hotel he also said that another one was purchased by the Heavyside or Board family. My mom and her sibling years ago on Murry Street would hang their Christmas stocking from the mantel. As a child I would love to look at the top of the mantle at the carved baby cherubs heads; in my young mind thinking it was the most wonderful special piece of wood I had ever seen. Just below the top of the mantle was the face of the wind blowing just over the copper shield, as a young adult helping my grandmother I would just love to dust it for her.
For many years after the death of my grandfather my grandmother lived in her home alone, when she was 86 she sold her home on Murry Street and came to live with Tom and me. Alone with my grandmother came the wonderful fire place mantle, her old secretarial desk and her Victorian wing back chair that as a child I would sit in. Then years later I sat beside my grand mother when she was ill, then by my husband when he was ill and then passed away. Now my grandmother’s chair is in Georgia with my daughter who just loves it.
The fire place mantel we then put it in the living room in front of an imitation fire place…… years later we had a real fire place put in with my grandparent’s mantle put in front. When I get back to Georgia I will send a picture of it.
The new owner also said one of the reasons he bought the house was that mantle, I told him in back of the mantle is a story I wrote when we instilled it. After we visited my old home we went back to my friend’s home in Chambly and late in the afternoon I went to visit Anne Bechard a young lady who came to live with us when Anne was 18 months old till her was 17.

The next day my girl friends and I went out to do a little shopping, I bought my Miss Daisy a new bed…Yes; you may know I just love my Airedale.
Don’t know where I put my camera bag; I need my computer wire to down load my pictures so will send a few pictures later.
As soon as I got back to Campbellford I went to get Miss Daisy from the kennel, she did do well but was happy to see me, she is now is lying on her new bed by the door making sure I don’t leave with out her.

Last night I put on my P.J.’s, poured a little glass of sherry in my silver 1958 wedding goblet, put on my new tape of Greenfield Park…that I was so happy I could purchased from John Riley also I had time to look through the GP book. I was feeling so thankful about my visit seeing many of my old friends and feeling thankful I was blessed to have been a child and adult growing up in Greenfield Park, also seeing Anne again after so many years was a double blessing

Till we meet again.
Bev Alexander/Vye

Thanks Bev

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