Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sept. GPK Reunion News...

Hi Marston,

Could you please post the following info on the Blog.

The dress for the dinner and dance Saturday night at the Legion is definitely casual - whatever is comfortable - just make sure you bring your dancing shoes! For the tail-gate party on Saturday afternoon, look for us in the Gazebo on top of the reservoir (grassy space) beside the Legion parking lot - or if that's too crowded we will be in front of the Town Hall. There are several football games and a skating competition going on that day, so the parking lot will probably be full. I suggest that you try to carpool so as to reduce the number of cars that have to be parked. We'll do our best to have things as organized as possible. See you all in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, Marston.


Additional Information

Hi Marston,

Would you mind adding something to the info I sent you this morning to be posted on the Blog.

It is important that all beer, wine and liquor must be purchased at the Legion cash bar on Saturday night. If liquor is brought in, they risk losing their liquor license. Also if anyone wants to get together for coffee on Friday morning, Don Ridewood and friends will be at the coffee shop at 1354 Victoria, across from Miss Italia.

Thanks for your help, Marston, in getting this information out to the masses!


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