Monday, September 24, 2007

Small World Isn't It...???

Dear Marston,

After last weekend's reunion it is really surprising how you run into Greenfield Park ex-pats. I was in Kingston yesterday for a celebratory lunch for Helen Bryant's 100th birthday, hosted by daughter Shirley (& Allan Tregenza), Roger and wife Margaret, and nephew, Roswell, from Abbotsford, B.C. Daughter Susan (& Leonard Bremner) were also there, besides many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other relatives and friends. Amongst Roger's friends were Jerry and Deirdre McKenna (nee Chapman of Evelyn Street). They wanted to get in touch with Murray Penney, so I directed them to your GPk blog.

My connection to Helen is that she married my Dad in 1988 after 34 years of widowhood; unfortunately they had only three and a half years together. They were aged 80 and 83 at the time and the minister said it was the oldest age combination he had married. Today in church during announcements of birthdays/anniversaries, etc. I mentioned Helen's birthday and at coffee time, a lady called me over to see if I recognized her niece who was with her. It was Jeannie Gardiner (Judy's younger sister) in from Calgary to help her aunt sell her two-storey house in St. John's (aka St. Jean sur Richelieu) and move into a condo on St. Georges in St. Lambert, after breaking her (i.e. the aunt's) hip in August.

Linda LaRoche (nee Alexander)

P.S. I was in Grade 9 - Mrs. Blake's class with you; and possibly Dave Mackenzie's Grade 8 (no class picture that year to check).
Thanks Linda

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