Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks From The Morleys

Hi Marston,Last weeks reunion surely rekindled some old friendships, so much in fact that some of the girls planned a farewell meal and drinks at Scotyz before everyone went back home, west, east south and what have you.

They were at Scotyz tonight (09/20/07) to share more stories and to say their goodbyes. Photo #1 L to R Gloria White, Marjorie Mann Davis, Marlann "Mac" Cooper, Velta Verner, Linda Robinson Hyland Photo

#2 L to R Beryl Rodrigues, Lynda Tombs, Gloria White. Photo

#3 Wendy Cristiano, Marlene Morley, Linda Robinson Hyland Photo

#4 L to R Marlene Morley, Myrna Shute, Bev Taylor

Main topic of conversation "What a fantastic reunion" Congratulations to the organizing committee, it was simply great.
Thank you.
Ross Morley

Thanks Ross

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