Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where Is She Now??? (One Clue Rec'd)

Does anyone know what became of Diane Bayfield She lived on Greenfield Ave. I think she might have been in a class with Sandy R.


Hi Marty,
I don't know if you remember me but I new you in school. I was Diane Knight. I lived on Fairfield and my brother is Fred married to Brenda Fielding.
The last I heard from Dianne Bayfield's brother Gord is she is living in the states. She married George Williamson from the Park. I've forgotten which state she is in.
Her brother has a appliance repair business on the Southshore. May be someone can find out something for you.
I'm living in Okotoks Alberta now. Just south of Calgary. We moved here 2 years ago. We are really enjoying it. We are closer to the family. I try to get back to G.F.P. at least once a year.
I really enjoy your Blog. Thanks for all the work you do.
I'm sorry I missed the reunion. We went to the one 2 years ago and had a super time. It's great to see everyone.
Take care and I hope I was a little helpful.
Diane Moreau (Knight).

Thanks Diane,
This may lead to another clue...

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