Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bob's Closet is full enough

Hi Gentlemen,

In the continuing quest to separate those Parkers who are outies from the ones who are inies, regarding the series "Dancing With The Stars", I feel obliged to add two more people to the closet. Unfortunately neither of these gentlemen responded to my original email and therefore I must assume they are inies.

I am particularly disappointed in El Presidente Constantini (a.k.a. Elvis).

As young men we spent many a Saturday night at the Youth Centre jitterbugging endlessly with such young ladies as Denise Houle, Janet Allen and so many others.

As for John R., what can I say, he too disappointed me by not responding only to show up on the blog dancing the night away. Then I remembered that John is a retired teacher and perhaps he does not have a TV yet.

In his defence though, I did note on the blog that he was having difficulty with operating his Hotmail. I said to myself, "Whoa! If the man has trouble with hotmail can you imagine the difficulty he would have with a remote control".

In closing I would like to remind those who fail to respond that they could end up in the closet with the inies, so if you are an outie, and would rather sit on my couch watching "Dancing With The Stars", sipping a strawberry daiquiri, or two, while discussing the technicalities of the Mambo, Tango and Quick Step send me a note.

Bob H

PS The guy in the doorway with the surprised look on his face, well it is his closet not Winston's. The poor guy is wondering what the hell you all are doing in his closet.
From Bernie C;
Dancing with the WHAT ????
Never heard of it.

Youth centre yes of course but DANCING WITH THE WHAT ???

Thanks Bob,
I think the closet is full enough and we need to move on to something new….!!

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