Friday, October 05, 2007

Can We Get Some Names Here?? Answered

Marty, attached is a photo from, I think, the grade ten spring prom 1959 for another guess who.

Thanks John

Dear Marston,

Back: Bruce Benton, Gary Farber, Pierre Perras, Wally Robinson, ?, "Pudgy" George Hollingdrake, Steve Messner, Ralph Hewitt, David Jeary, Keith Morrison, John McConachie, Harold Rye, Rodney Farber, Lorne Roach, G. Brian Pendlebury, Cliff Walker
Front: ?, Linda Laughlin, Barbara Ridewood, April Wells, June Brown, Judy Gardiner, Barbara Nose, Donna Cooke, Georgia Moir, Vena Dawes, Sylvia Yearron, Dorothy Deschenes

June Brown and George Main live in Florida now, after many years in Vermont, according to Andrea Main whom I see at the Legion from time to time. Judy Gardner lives in North Carolina and will be in the Park to help her mom and sister Carol move into their Churchill Blvd. condo from the homestead on Fairfield. Mrs. Gardner is currently in St. Lambert Convalescent Hospital, recovering from her broken hip.

SOS for the Sept. 30 Minstrel Show picture, please identify yourselve (and any others you know), using the numbered guide above picture. Thx.

Linda A-LaR.

Marty, here is the list for the prom pic. Top row L to R Bruce Benton(Teacher) ,Gary Farber, Pierre Perras,Wally Robinson,Ken Naylor,George Hollingdrake,Steve Messner,Ralph Hewitt,Dave Geary,Keith morrison, John mcConache,Harold Rye, Rodney Farber,Lorne Roach, George (Brian) Pendlebury, Cliff Walker. Bottom row L to R Sandra Fitzmaurice,Linda Laughlin,Barbara Ridewood(dec) April Wells,June Brown,Judy Gardiner,Barbara Nose, Donna Cooke, Georgia Moir,Vena Dawes, Sylvia Yearron, Dorothy ?? JMcC
Thanks John
Great Guess Who Pic

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