Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dr. St. Jean

Hi Marty,

I too was a patient of Dr. St. Jean. He was a very nice man for sure. He told me I would lose my teeth before I was 20 and he managed to keep working on them so that I could keep them. To this day I haven't lost them all.

When our youngest son Kevin was 2 his front teeth had a severe cavity between them. I called his office to be told that the Dr. didn't take kids before they were 3. Well I met the Dr. in the Miracle Mart one night and had him look at the 2 yr. olds teeth. He told me to call his office in the a.m. and make an appt. The receptionist argued with me and I told he before she hung up to go and ask the Dr. She was very apologetic when she returned to the phone. Kevin got his teeth fixed. By this time his office was on the corner of Churchill & Vercheres .

Sandy R.
Thanks Sandy

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