Sunday, October 21, 2007

GPK Carnival Comments

Hi Marty:

I don;t think that Robinsons Restaurant and Telatronics were the sponsors of the Carnival, I believe that all the organisations were involved. Perhaps these two paid to have their business advertised in the Carnival program.

Some names here are very familiar.

Back Row: L - R
George Powney - Kay Tomalty - Clarence Tomalty - Ken Hawkes - Mayor Galletti - George Clayton -
? (unknown) - Denis Kavanagh - Jack Galloway - ? (unknown)

The Carnival Queen is " Joan Clayton " who was Miss Lions Club

The Princess' are in the front row with the representatives from each organization which sponsored a Princess standing behind.

2nd Row - 2nd from Right is Maurice King ( before he was the ex-Mayor) (standing behind Miss Credit Union)

2nd Row - 4th from Right is Gil Parizeau (he worked for the Town of GFPK) (not sure who he represented but I think it was something to do with the Town.

2nd Row - 6th from Right is Gwen Kavanagh (standing behind Miss Lioness Club.)

Maybe somebody can put a name to the girls in this picture.

Joyce Tomalty

Thanks Joyce

Sorry Joyce I don't know which pic so I posted both...

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