Saturday, October 27, 2007

GPK News

The parker porkbarrel news

It is with great pleasure that the Normand Simard and Robert Hawkins families announce the marriage of their childhood treasures Button Eyes Bear and Sleazy Sally Bear. The wedding ceremony was held in Honey Hollow Cathedral in downtown Greenfield Park. Cardinal Grizzly performed the marriage ceremony while Reverend Brown Nose Bear performed the baptismal ceremony as Doctor Freddy Bear delivered little OOPS Bear.

OOPS and Sleazy are doing fine. After the ceremony Button Eyes and a few select guests met at Scottyz for Honey Lager Brewskeez. It was a raucous celebration that, at one point, got out of hand. The party ended quickly when Button Eyes lost an eye. Poppa Normand is offering a reward of 1.00 CDN dollar or 1000.00 American Pesos for the return of Button Eyes eye button.

Story and Picture by Father Bob

Thanks Bob H.

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